Area Code

The code 204 belongs to the province of Canada, Manitoba and the major city Beulah. The city follows the Central Time Zone; hence the time is similar to Brandon. It works as the telephone code for the North American Zone. Below is more information about what is area code 204.
How to call Manitoba in Canada from any country?

Where is area code 204 location?
The area code 204 is considered as one of the original codes, which was assigned in the year 1947 in the United States. The Manitoba telecom system is the primary incumbent local exchange for the Canadian province. The MTS is the fourth largest telecom provider in Canada with 5000 employees.
Where are 204 Area Code and City using this dialling code?
The code 204 is assigned to the cities, including Argyle, Barrows, Belmont, Beaconia, Brandon, Naperville, Carroll, Crane river, Dallas, Dominion city, Eden, Elma, Fairford, Gimli, Holland, Kola, Lenore, Manson, Morden, Ninga, Reinfeld, Roland, Sanford, Springfield, Winnipeg, Zhoda, Vista and Teulon.   

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